Ascent Pharmaceuticals

A Name Change Which Means So Much More

Ascent Pharmaceuticals

Genepharm Australia has changed its name
to Ascent Pharmaceuticals in order to align the business
more closely with its’ growing international brand.

The company founded in 2003 by Mr Dennis Bastas as Genepharm Australia,
is and will remain an Australian managed enterprise, with its’ fully integrated
business model allowing for independent control over everything from
R&D through to distribution and promotional support

“We laid very strong foundations with Genepharm Australia and from
a small Australian start-up, we have grown to become a global business,
working with the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers,
distributing products throughout the Australian and Asian region,"
says Mr Dennis Bastas, CEO and Managing Director.

"Two years ago when we launched our Australian generic portfolio into Asia,
we created the Ascent brand. Today we are Singapore's biggest
generic pharmaceutical company with rapidly growing businesses in
Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam where Australian regulated
generic medicines are a premium product category. The brand recognition
of our Australian pedigree and our unique nature has brought about
the re-launch in Australia of the business under the new banner
to let the Australian market know how much we've grown."

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